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It is very important that you seek specialist professional advice & consultancy which may not be available from your regular business advisors. Every business is different & capital growth initiatives need individual considerations. The most suitable sources & types of capital for your business will depend on the nature of the project, amount required, type of business, market characteristics, business growth ambitions, size & timing of business cash flow & stage of business growth. The right type of funding or capital on flexible terms & conditions for business growth can make big difference to the success of your business. The most common reason to raise capital including working capital is for growth, acquisitions, new product development, service & market development, capital expenditure & restructuring.

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Your credit report directly impacts your ability to obtain a credit card, buy a car or a home, and may soon impact your ability to rent an apartment, or even get a new job. Knowing how to read it, understanding how to improve your credit rating, and correcting inaccurate information are in your best interest.

You can access your Credit Information Report (CIR) directly from Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL). The CIBIL CIR is a record of your credit payment history compiled from information received from credit institutions. The purpose is to help credit institutions make informed lending decisions - quickly and objectively, and enable faster processing of your credit applications and provide speedier access to better credit terms.

A credit rating is usually a number computed by approved credit rating agencies. This number is also called the Credit Score and is between 300 to 900. It represents your credit history and indicates your financial and credit health. Anything above 750 is considered a good score. All banks usually look at the credit score as one of the many checks they do before advancing a loan.

A good score alone does not mean a person can get the loan he wants. Bankers additionally look at the status of previous loans and the payment for such loans. A previously settled or a written off loan is likely to impair the ability to take more loans. Credit history, outstanding loan value, loan types, recent credit events, etc. affect ones credit score.

We can assist you with obtaining a copy of your credit report. CIBIL charges a nominal fee to provide you with a copy of the report. From the report you get an idea of how creditors assess your applications for credit and/or loans.

You can make an appointment with SUNIL GOGNA for an in-depth credit report counseling session. We can help you make sense of your report, and guide you on how it could influence your money management decisions.

CIBIL suggests that you contact the lender from whom you availed of the loan to request any rectification of inaccurate information. The lender then reports the changes to CIBIL so that the necessary updates are made to your records. SUNIL GOGNA can assist you with this

We can assist you with obtaining the CIBIL report as part of the review, or you can obtain the CIR on your own. If you are interested in a credit report review.


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